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Site Clearance and Groundworks in Chippenham

Welcome to R2 Contracting – Committed to Quality, Safety and Sustainability

Specialists in Our Field

With over 16 years of experience, we work alongside our clients to build and provide the most efficient and cost-effective strategies for the services we offer. Our clients include; Developers, Construction and Management Companies, Local Authorities, Landowners, Architects, Arboriculture and Ecological Consultants, Highways, Agriculture and Forestry.

Site Clearance in Chippenham

At R2 we cover all aspects of site clearance in Chippenham whether it be a small site or a large multi-complex site. Working alongside some of the UK’s top 10 construction companies makes us the number 1 to go to.

Tree Works in Chippenham

At R2 we cover all aspects of tree works, covering the southwest and working within Forestry, Woodland and Conservation management, Highways, Construction and Industrial.

Invasive Weeds

R2 is an Invasive weed contractor certified by the PCA to work at the forefront of the invasive weed industry, covering all aspects of commercial work. We are endorsed by the Government trust mark standards, and have a deep understanding of all Schedule 9 plants.

Ecology & Landscaping Contractors in Chippenham

We provide a wide array of landscaping services to suit any project large and small. Our ecology services provided include; Destructive searches, Tree protection fencing, Habitat Creation, Habitat Clearance, Tree protection fencing, Reptile fencing & Bird box installations.

Groundworks Contractors in Chippenham

We cover a range of groundwork services in Chippenham with our own plant and machinery. These include: Earthworks, Formation and Compaction, Tracks and Roadways, Concrete Work, Drainage, Cesspit installation, Site compound formation, Footings, muck away and all aspects of commercial hard or soft landscaping or waterscapes.

Your No. 1 Principle Contractor for Enablement Works

We offer a range of services to our clients to help reduce time and money spent during the enablement stages. Leaving it in our hands we bring a number of different contractors together to get sites to a stage where Civil Contractors can start.

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